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Our History

Hi! I'm Stella McCarley, owner and operator of Bella Vista on the Boulevard. I have met so many wonderful people during 15 years of dedication to weddings and events for clients from both Texas and Oklahoma and as far away as Ohio. We love what we do and it shows in each unique setting.

We specialize in stress free weddings and events. When booking your indoor or outdoor venue with us we are your coordinator throughout the wedding experience, let us take care of the details while you make memories. We also welcome outside coordinators and their bridal clients. We accommodate all events, CALL TODAY to schedule your free tour!

Front Elevation

Architect Robert Vahlberg was commissioned in 1967 to design a home northwest of Durant for Drs. Robert and Phyllis Engles. The architect, highly influenced by the work of Frank Lloyd Wright, designed a sprawling villa that became a part of the land itself.

The villa's great windowed expanse and gabled roof lines join with the natural flagstone exterior to nestle into the side of the high hill topped with Pines, Oaks, Birch, Sweet gum, Pecan and Walnut trees. An ivy garden and a flagstone courtyard make the transition from indoors to outdoors seamless. The construction was a three-year endeavor that included excavating the side of the hill and sinking two-foot diameter peers 30 feet down into the bedrock. The fortress-like construction included steel I-beams which were painted with military grade paint and encased in concrete to form the bridge girders. These girders support the elevated portion of the split-level design. Wood, stone and breathtaking views give the impression that you remain outdoors while enjoying the comfort of indoors. The stout construction continues to reside without blemish after 40 years.

Over 6000 square feet of nature-inspired beauty stands stately on the mature grounds as a monument to the quality of the construction. Even though the estate had been neglected for three plus years when purchased in 2001, the structure remained mighty and unshaken. Trimming the 100's of trees, redesigning the function of the kitchen, updating the interior and exterior lighting, replacing the brick courtyard with one of flagstone and manicuring the grounds was an additional two-year project, but we can say it has been a transformation worthy of this gorgeous facility, which rewards us with its beauty daily. As you enter the property, take in the beautiful views, and you will see why they inspired the name ... Bella Vista!